The Beginning

By the decades

May 26th, 1954

What started as a social Garden Club in 1954 with the assistance of Mrs. E.L. Alexander, Mrs. W.W. Anderson, and Mrs. C.O. Price has endured many decades and changes along the way. 

The Garden Club would make arrangements and create floral master pieces. Their meeting were held in the club garden. Trips to historical Williamsburg seemed to happen often.


Some time before the 1960's the organization transformed into the Langley Officers' Wives' Club. The 60's showed the true charitable side of the organization. With donations at the time of over $5,000 to places like the Air Force Village. While charitable was a huge part of the organizations focus that didn't stop the fun. 1962 pictures of the Fashion Show emerge. Could you imagine attending a luncheon that was a Hair Style Show? I guess those big hairstyles were all the rage. During the mid 60's we see the LOWC hosting Christmas Parties for college students, spouses, and even the children on base.


Rozella Miller and Captian John M. Byers created a "Coat of Arms for the LOWC. The description and interpretation is:

Crest: A winged sword as used on the Coat of Arms of the Tactical Air Command. (The winged sword is symbolic of aerial superiority through unblemished personal combat.)

Shield: The blue background of the shield denotes the Air Force. The division in the shield represents the path traveled by wives in their service lives. On the upper right is a garb or shock; a symbol of generosity or abundance. the lower left carries a blazing hearth, symbolic of home and hospitality.


This coat of arms is designed for use by our LOWC and was to be used on everything from the TAC TALK to, invitations, stationary, programs, certificates, basically anywhere that they could.

The coat represented not only TAC but membership working together for a mutual interest.

Previous President

54-55 Vena Walker

55-56 Dot Phillips

56-57 Joan Ford

57-58 Mrs. H.P. Sparks


59-60 Virginia Collins

60-61 Mrs. John D. Collins Jr.

61-62 Kathy Turpin

62-63 Elizabeth Puckett



65-66 Phylle Hereth

66-67 Mrs. Will O Brimberry


68-69 Ginny Harrington

69-70 Mary Pollock

70-71 Lois Edgar

71-72 Marge Andreason

72-73 Marydel Burton

73-74 Joan Fehlings

74-75 Rozella Miller

75-76 Julie LaPolt

76-77 Carol Knutson

77-78 Sue Skoglund

78-79 Liz Hyde

79-80 Mrs. Sue Powell

80-81 Mrs. Edwin D Handley

81-82 Diane Hutchins

82-83 Debi Fox

83-84 Rose Marie Butz

84-85 Nancy Holder

85-86 Earla Bishop

86-87 Morag Richards

88-88 Yvonne Worthington

88 Dora Rousey

89 Jacquline Jamerson

89-90 Jo Mills

90-91 Debbie Puckett

91-92 Nancy Warner

92-93 Jackie Shaffer

93-94 Jan Murphy

94-95 Kathie Vinoski

95-96 Jean Ann Hayes

96-97 Ellen Moriarty

97-98 Billie Mae Walker

98-99 Monica Sprague

99-20 Pam Thomas

00-01 Barbara Villeral

01-02 Kelly Loughran

02-03 Dawn Olson

03-04 Peggy Vivon

04-05 Toni Fisher

05-06 Toni Fisher

06-07 Jennifer Crooper

07-08 Amy King

08-09 Renee Warner

09-10 Renee Warner




13-14 April Golden

14-15 April Golden

15-16 April Golden

16-17 Brandi Ogren

17-18 Dana Wacks